The Radiation Antidote

We live in a world of radiation. It's been part of our environment since the earth was born. Radiation exists in the atmosphere, the ground, the water and even within our own bodies. Some radiation (like that coming from our sun) is essential for life, while other radiation can be quite harmful. And for some radiation (from cell phones, powerlines etc), the jury is still out as to whether it is harmful or not.

In recent years, as people have become more educated, they have grown more and more afraid of the harmful effects of radiation. They don't want to live near nuclear reactors. They are frightened by reports of links between excess exposure to sunlight and skin cancer. They are afraid of the radiation leakage from microwave ovens, or the radiation produced by their television sets, cell phones, cordless phones and WIFI etc.

They are also afraid that their governments are not forthcoming with disclosing the truth about the real dangers and threats from world-wide radiation crises. They are especially scared, because they know that radiation can't be detected by the average person, and that the effects of exposure to radiation might not appear for months or years or even decades.

This website is all about radiation and the harmful effects it can have on human health. And more importantly, what measures we can take to protect our health from radiation exposure.

In order to understand the biological effects of radiation, we must first understand some basic concepts from the science of physics.

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